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Invoice Definition

Invoice is the bill sent to your customer when they make any purchase on goods or services. There is unlimited invoices that you can create in Xin Invoice 3.0.

Fields Definition
Fields Definition
Code A unique reference code of Invoice. It can be entered manually, or generated by the system automatically. For more information about Invoice Reference Code, please refer Reference Code
DN Code A unique reference code of Delivery Note. Delivery Note will be generated from Invoice form. The code can be entered manually, or generated by the system automatically. For more information about DN Reference Code, please refer Reference Code
Currency Code Currency Code of the Invoice. Xin Invoice 3.0 supports only 1 currency code per Invoice. You may enter different currency code for different Invoice, but as Xin Invoice 3.0 does not support multiple currency code, if there are different currency code for different Invoice, the final total amount in the report might not be correct.
Date Invoice date
Due Date Invoice due date. The due date can be entered manually, calculated automatically when you select the Payment Terms.
Customer Select the customer who will receive the Invoice.
Order No RFQ (Request For Quotation) reference numbe from the custoemr (if any)
Sales Person Select the Sales Person name who issue or related to the Invoice.
Ship To Select the Contact Person of the Customer where the item of the Invoice will be delivered to.
Shipping Date The date when the items will be delivered to the customer.
Shipping Terms Incoterms
Bill To Select the Contact Person of the Customer where the invoice will be delivered to
Payment Terms Terms of payment, it can be 7 days, 30 days etc. You may pre-set the Payment Terms data from Payment Terms
Payment Method How the payment to be made. Example by cash, cheque, online transfer etc.
Seq Sequence number of the Invoice items. If you need to re-sequence the Invoice items, you do not need to re-enter the item information again, but just re-sequence the sequence number and the items will be arranged accordingly.
Item Code Unique reference code of the Inventory Item.
Description Description of the Invoice item. It will be auto populated when you select an Inventory into the Invoice and it is editable in Invoice form.
U.O.M. Unit of Measurement of the Invoice item.
Unit Price Unit selling price of the Invoice item.
Quantity Quantity of the inventory item in Invoice.
Amount Sub-total amount of the Invoice item
Disc % Discout percentage applied to the Invoice item.
Disc Amt Discount amount of the Invoice item. It will be auto calculated when you enter the discount percentage.
Final Amt Final amount of the Invoice item.
Discount Total discount amount applied to all Invoice items.
Sub Total Son total amount of all Invoice items.
Shipping Shipping cost
Total Final Invoice total amount inclusive of the shipping cost.
Deposit Any deposit amount that has been paid by the Customer when the Invoice is issued.
Amt Due Amount due after deduct the deposit amount
Note Any remarks to this Invoice.
Attachment Attachment is an additional function that you can attached any important file related to this Invoice into the system. Example, you may attach photo, quotaion, id card and etc.

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