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Who is Xin Cube?

Xin Cube is a sofware provide focusing in providing business soffware particularly billing/invoicing software to small to medium size company. We emphasizes on providing quality services, while maintaining high standards and scalable yet simple solutions

Who can use our products?

We have been in the market for more than 5 years and our customers are from all around the world including United State, China, Australia, United Aran Emirates, Saudi Arabia, India, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Greece, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Denmark, Portugal and many more. To view the full list, please visit custom-list.html.

Our software supports multiple lanugages: English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Indonesian, Malay, Slovak, Slovenian, Dutch, Croation and Thai.

Xin Invoice 3.0 is a standalone billing software suitable for start-up company or freelancer. The main function is to create Quotation, Invoice and Delivery Order.

Xin Inventory 1.0 is also a standlone billing software suitable for small company with inventory control. It is an enhanced version of Xin Invocie 3.0. It includes all features from Invoice 3.0 plus other functionality such as Purchase Order and Stock Control.

Xin Inventory 2.0 is network enabled billing software suitable for medium company. It supports multiple users accessibility. It contains more comprehensive billing and inventory functionality.

How about the price?

Our products are low cost range from USD49.90 to USD79.90. The software license fee is one time payment and no renewal fee is needed. Support fee will be charged separately but it is optional.

Testimonial for our invoicing software

The customers say

"I was very impressed By the quick turn around time on my questions. Having checked other programs, I find this to be most user-friendly. Also, the opportunity to do a trial run was very helpful in making my final decision."

Wm. Rosenberg
Environmentally Safe Solutions, US

"This product is just the program I need for my business. Easy to use no extra work with good looking invoices & delivery notes. Wish I had found it before."

Stewart Lyons
Kiddygifts, UK

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Try it before purchase!

If you are unsure whether Xin product is suitable to your business, download our 30 days free trial. Full features are available on the trial package and no watermark!

After the trial period, if you find that Xin product does not suitable to your busines, just uninstall it from your computer.
download 30 days free trial

Create unlimited data

Unlimited Invoicing

You may create as many data as your computer can support. No limitation on Customer/Vendor database, as well as Quotation, Invoice, Purchase Order and other data.

Paypal Integration

Integrate Paypal in your Invoice to allow your customers make payment easily using Credit Card. Your customers are definitely more willing to make payment in a much easier way.
Paypal Integration in your Invoice

Custom made your own template

Customizable Template

Create youw own template by using our Report Designer tool. It is easy to use and you can add your own logo, design, header, layour and footer to the template.

If you find it too time consuming to create it by yourself, just email us your existing template and our friendly support personnel will assist you further. Click here to contact our support personnel.

Xin Inventory 2.0 (Multi-users)
from USD 79.90

- Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7,
  Windows 8 & Windows 10
- 30 days free trial available

Inventory Control Software for Multiple Users

Supported Windows for Xin Inventory 2.0

stock control software

Xin Inventory 1.0
USD 69.90

- Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7,
  Windows 8 & Windows 10
- 30 days free trial available

Inventory Control Software for Single User

stock control software

Awards & Reviews

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Retirement for Xin Invoice 2.0
Xin Invoice 2.0 han become obsolete. We will still continue the support for existing users on any issue related to Xin Invoice 2.0.
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Xin Inventory 2.0 - Network Enabled (Multi Users) Invoicing Software with Inventory Control
Xin Cube launch Xin Inventory v2.0.
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Xin Inventory 1.0 - All-in-one Inventory Management Software and Invoicing Software
Xin Cube launch Xin Inventory v1.0.
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Xin Invoice 3.0 - Comprehensive Invoicing Software
Xin Cube launch Xin Invoice v3.0.
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Xin Invoice 2.0 - New Look
Xin Cube launch Xin Invoice v2.0.
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Xin Invoice - Free Invoicing Software
Xin Cube launch a new product Xin Invoice that allow user to create invoice in minutes. Xin Invoice is a windows based application that can easily installed and used.
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