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Xin Invoice 3.0 - Comprehensive Invoicing Software

Date : 11.11.10

A very good new to all small and startup company. Xin Cube has launched Xin Invoice 3.0, a comprehensive Invoicing Software targetted for small and startup company. It contains all billing features needed for a small company, like Quotation, Invoice, Delivery Note, Credit Note, Statement, Customer Database and Inventory Database.

Xin Invoice 3.0 supports multiple companies Xin Invocie 3.0 supports multiple companies. You can switch from one company to another company easily without having to logout from the system.

You can also define your own Tax Code and rate. Import and export function from Excel is available in this power software. You can import hundred or thousand of your Inventory data into the system without having to create it one by one.

Another powerful feature available in Xin Invoice 3.0 is the fully customizable template. By using our Report Designer, you can design your own template layout, adding log, watermark, header, footer etc to the print out template. The print out template can also be email or fax to your customer directly from the software.

Charts available in Xin Invoice 3.0 Chart is also available in the report, to help you analyze your data better.

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