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Xin Inventory 1.0 - All-In-One Solution

Date : 15.03.12

As an enhanced version of Xin Invoice 3.0, Xin Inventory is inclusive of all features from Xin Invoice, plus additiona features like Stock Control, Purchase Order, Receiving, Customizable Input Form, Customizable Decimal Place, Price Level, Taxation Formula and many more.

Now you never have to worry about losing control of your stock. With Xin Inventory Software’s on–the-dot reorder point alert and inventory management system, your stock will always be up-to-date. The software automatically detects when a new order is needed, and you will be alerted immediately. You will have full control of all purchase orders and have the confidence and trust to concentrate on other business needs while Xin Inventory Software does its job in the background.

You will never have to worry about forgetting invoices, stock, or inventory. The software will do the job for you as it backs up all your data securely with options to convert it into multiple formats of your choice such as PDF, Excel, HTML, and more! In addition, we created this software so that all the data is password protected so you will never have to worry about sharing important purchase or inventory files with strangers or workers.

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